Surveyed in 1879, Hammond once had a population of 600. The town was planned with four terraces surrounded by parklands. It had 3 churches, a butter factory and a farm implement factory. After 1882 the railway ran through the town on the way from Peterborough, through Carrieton to Quorn and onward.

Now it is a ghost town at the end of a long dirt road. It is a wonderful place to visit.

November 6th 1883

The cool weather of the post fortnight and the little rain that fell has had a most beneficial effect upon the crops. The early-sown wheat has filled out well and much of that which was going off fast has to some extent recovered.

The last few days have been warm, and in many places the wheat is ripening fast, and will be ready for the stripper within the next week or ten days. Notwithstanding the falling-off owing to the dry weather in September there are many really good crops to be seen in the locality, and it is confidently predicted that the average will amount to quite 8 bushels. A considerable amount of hay has been cut, the average being about a ton to the acre.

It is hoped that before the busy season opens the Government may be induced to see the importance of telegraphic facilities being extended to the town ship, or at any rate to the railway station.

Amongst the signs of progress in the township I notice that a branch of the Bank of Adelaide is to be opened here next week, and I have no doubt it will be well supported. Temporary premises have been secured; but should the experiment prove a success a more suitable building will be erected.

The Railway Department are calling for tenders for puddling the reservoir at this station. Hitherto this has leaked considerably owing to faulty construction. The public dam or reservoir holds well, but ought to be fenced in and supplied with a pump and troughs for the better conservation of this, the only water supply of the township. On the score of health alone this should be attended to soon, for whilst it is unprotected the water is not fit for human consumption.