Charles Sturt 1844-6
Grey, Giles & Forrest, various dates
John McDouall Stuart 1862
A large, very old and highly detailed Map of Stuart's 1860 route to the centre of Australia will appear when you click the map above.
The beautifully detailed Arrowsmith Map showing Expeditions across Australia between 1818 - 1830, including Charles Sturt's of 1828-9 and 1829-30
Edward John Eyre Expeditions 1840-41
Burke & Wills 1862

Port Augusta, William Crowthers Fitler 1886

Port Augusta 1887

The Departure of Sturt, George Angas 1844

Port Pirie, William Crowthers Fitler 1886

Saltia, W Hatherall 1887

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