Aboriginal Fire Trees
Photographed at Middle Road
North of Port Germein Gorge Road

Extract from a map compiled by N B Tindale of the South Australian Museum, showing Aboriginal tribal areas

From the beginning of settlement the 'vacant', so-called Waste Lands of the whole of South Australia were leased to Pastoralists (graziers) under a progression of Parliamentary Acts. Title to those Pastoral Holdings remained with the Crown.

From 1836, smaller areas of land were surveyed into Counties, which are shown here as semi-transparent areas; then subdivided into Hundreds, areas of approximately 100 square miles (259 square kilometers and shown here in solid colour). Those Hundreds were then subdivided into Sections which were either sold by auction in South Australia or pre-sold in Britain as town or agricultural (cropping) blocks. Title to the land passed from the Crown to the purchaser, and any pre-existing Pastoral Lease over the land was terminated.

A map showing all the Mid North Sections at 2012 can be seen here.

This graph has been created with figures available from the Bureau of Meteorology, using Google Charts.

Orroroo is outside Goyder's Line
Where the rainfall records are incomplete for even one day the entire year's rainfall figures are null. There are, therefore, gaps in the recent graph though the overall trend can still be seen.