Map of the Area covered by this Site

Interactive map showing Terrain, Subdivisions, Roads, Towns, Services, etc

Populating the Mid North: a History of Settlement

Interactive Maps

1836-1941 Land Survey & Sale:

A timeline of Settlement with a 5-yearly progression of land surveys.

1854-2012 Construction of Railways

The development and decline of the railways.

Articles from Newspapers & Books

1836-1842 Preliminary & Special Surveys

Extract from H. J. Scott's South Australia in 1887 describing how the British Government organised the sale of South Australia

1839 Advice to an Emigrant:

Correspondence between an 'old' settler and a Glaswegian. The last paragraph is a gem.

1841 The first port, Trade, the Financial Crisis, etc:

Contemporary Newspaper article.

1845 State of the Colony:

Contemporary Newspaper article.

1851 The Gold Rush

A short extract from Anthony Forster's book 'South Australia, its Progress and Prosperity' 1866

1865 Goyder's Line

Rainfall chart, maps and articles describing the creation of Goyder's Line of rainfall.

1881 Meeting at Napperby

Newspaper article discussing the state of the government dam, a sign calling Warnertown Napperby, and the need for a school

1882 The Hundred of Eurelia

Newspaper article describing the Hundred, the towns of Carrieton and Eurelia, and the problem of water.

1886 The Overland Railway

Newspaper article describing the condition of the land on the first railway trip from Murray Bridge to Bordertown

1910 Early Farming on the Appila Plain

Newspaper article describing the settlement of the early agriculturalists.

1914 Petersburg. A Dip into History

Newspaper article describing the establishment of the town of Peterborough, the railways and the water.


1841 Grain

Graphics, showing increase in productivity and land use, with early Newspaper articles

1859-2012 Guano

A number of articles relating to the history of Guano

1889 Destruction of Sparrows

Extracts from the Parliamentary Act and Newspaper articles

1836-1970 History of Sheep Scab in SA

Excellent Article by W. Stephen Smith, B.V.Sc.,F.A.C.V.Sc. PDF file. READ IT


1895-1999 The Electrification of the Mid North

Timeline and early Newspaper articles showing the development of the electricity grid in South Australia.

1851 The Creation of Roads

A brief description of the creation of Road Boards, etc, with an 1879 newspaper article on the condition of the Main North Road.

1855-1872 The Telegraph

A history of the invention of the Telegraph and its introduction to Australia

1836-1962 Water

Whims, wells and the Morgan - Whyalla Pipeline.





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Crystal Brook

Port Pirie